1. Free economy shipping worldwide Shipping is by registered mail
2. All items ships from Holylandsouq 
3. Handling time:

We will ship the item within 4 business days after PayPal payment confirmation & verification of your payment.

4. ETA : 10-18 Business days 


Shipping cost will be calculated based on type of shipping and address.


Our commitment is to ensure that:

  • Every customer is a satisfied customer.
  • You always get what you pay for.
  • Our products are of superior quality.
  • You enjoy complete customer satisfaction.


If, for any reason, you have a complaint or wish to return merchandise, we will be happy to offer a refund or replacement under the following conditions:
Before returning merchandise, contact our sales department by telephone at +972-548050383 or by email:, specifying your order confirmation number .
Merchandise should be returned within 30 days of delivery. When returned it must be:

  • Unused
  • In its original condition
  • In its original box

Sorry - we will not be able to accept for return or refund:

  • Custom-made items ordered with names or personalized messages

Refunds do not include shipping costs.

***Transaction cancellation policy is subject to the Consumer Protection Act


Return Policy for Undelivered items

In the event your order has not yet been delivered and you wish to cancel items in your order, a cancelation will be granted if the items have not yet been assigned to our drivers. To proceed with canceling the order, click the “Cancel” button for the specific items you wish to cancel complete the cancelation process on your order details page. In this case, you will receive a full refund along with any shipping fees applied and will not be penalized. Refund will be implemented depending on the policy for the payment method applied. In case your order has not yet been delivered but the delivery has been assigned to our drivers, the “Cancel” button will be deactivated and you will only be able to access the “Return” button. In this case the regular return policy would apply.

Return Conditions

  • Return requests should be made within 10 (ten) days from receiving the item.
  • Item should be in the same condition you received it. If you use or damage it, it can no longer be returned. In case you ordered a product and requested a return and the product was found to be damaged, you will bear all delivery and return fees associated with this product.
  • If the item is an innerwear, lingerie, socks, stockings, tights, software, product music album, books, swimwear, gift card, beauty product, greeting cards, headpieces, candles or fragrances, then the item is not eligible for return.
  • If the defective product can be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, then the item cannot be refunded. Instead, you can arrange to get the item fixed or replaced.
  • The item should not be tampered with and should not have missing serial numbers, otherwise it will no longer be qualified for a refund. Make sure the package has no missing items, including price tags, labels, original packing, freebies, and accessories.
  • Make sure the package has no missing items, including price tags, labels, original packing, freebies, and accessories.
  • The original package of any item should not be opened and should remain sealed.

Unreturnable Items  has the right to process as it deems appropriate any items returned from the buyers, after a period of 30 days from the return date provided that the customer has been notified of the status of the return and in the event that the customer did not accept to receive the returned items. By agreeing to these Terms and conditions, you explicitly authorize HOLYLANDSOUQ  to dispose of and/or liquidate any undesired items without any objection and any liability to HOLYLANDSOUQ .

Return Policy for Repeated Returns

We offer a flexible returns policy to make your online shopping experience even easier. However, we do monitor the number of returns made and may refuse to accept orders at our discretion if goods are returned repeatedly.


Shipping Fees for Returned Items

The following section summarizes ’s policy for charging shipping fees for returned items: In case the returned item is due to the seller’s fault, and the buyer claimed to return it within three days of receiving the item, then the seller will be responsible for the delivery and return shipment fees. If the buyer in such a case claimed an item for return after the 10 days of the date of delivery and the return request is approved, then the buyer will pay the delivery shipment and the return shipment fees.  will take responsibility of the return shipment fees if the return is related to a buyer’s fault, on condition that the buyer claimed for a return within 3 days of the date of delivery. If the buyer did the claim after the 10 days have passed, then the buyer will be responsible for both the delivery shipment fees and the return shipment fees, provided that that the request claim is approved.


Return Policy for Promotional Items

Products purchased on sales, during a clearance or with a special offer are subject to the return policy of the merchant on HOLYLANDSOUQ .