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Palestinian KUFIYEH

Palestinian KUFIYEH

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The most traditional black and white Kufiya or “Kefiyeh” of Palestine. This is the original quality heaviest version of the kufiya, made for export. Traditionally worn by the rural farmer class, and by the Palestinian symbol former president Yasser Arafat. 

The Keffiyeh (pronounced “Kufiya” in Palestine) continues to hold deep and symbolic value, and serves as an icon of resistance, struggle and freedom for the Palestinian people. 

The Hirbawi Keffiyeh is handmade using a classic cross-stitching technique honed over generations. The Keffiyeh is traditionally woven on two layers, the “base”, and the “pattern” or “flower” ( وردة) in Arabic. Beyond its unmatched quality, the Keffiyeh maintains its original functionality:

  • Keeping you cool in hot climates under direct sunlight.
  • Effective shielding against dust and fast-blowing winds.
  • Excellent moisture-wicking properties, directing sweat and moisture away from the skin.

The Keffiyeh now comes in a variety of colours and patterns that are evolving alongside Palestinian culture. Today, a wide selection of designs are available, based on historic landmarks, and elements of Palestinian culture, as well as the traditional staple Keffiyeh patterns that are known and loved around the world.

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